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Tracking Spaces of Transformation (2016-2019)

Tracking Spaces of Transformation- infographics

Tracking Spaces of Transformation* Sandra Álvaro (2016-2019) ‘Space of transformation’ is a concept borrowed from Serres’ communication theory and here redefined after the evolution of the post-digital milieu and the materialistic critique of the same. Hackerspaces, fablabs, medialabs and other shared machines shops are defined here as spaces of transformation, places for the encounter between …

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Lecture at Open Fields Conference

OpenFields Conference 2016

  “Open Fields will be investigating the use of data visualizations and other mappings of the contemporary. It will look into areas such as open commons, the future of social interaction, data representation and visualisation, critical design, sustainable infrastructures, eco-aesthetics, techno-ecologies, bio-hacking and other techniques of a transformative potential. No Field is excluded, yet there …

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