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Algorithmic Culture

graphics Algorithmic Culture

Algorithmic Culture by Sandra Álvaro (2013 – 2017) Compilation of critical texts addressing the spread of the pervasiveness of data-processing and the devices, disciplines, and societal challenges related to this event. The texts by Sandra Álvaro Sanchez have been originally published at the Blog of the CCCBLab DO – 10.13140/RG.2.2.23353.06248 Available on-line

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Lecture at Computer Art Congress 5

Computer Art Congres 5

Computer Art Congress 5 – Digital Art: Archiving and Questioning Immateriality – 2016, Paris October 26-28, 2016. MSH Paris Nord   “Art and Data: the aesthetic emergence of knowledge” Abstract The Aesthetic Rendering of Knowledge refers to two linked processes: the mediation of images in the processes of inscription of science and the use that …

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Consumo Cultural y Territorialidad _ Visualización de datos

Consumo Cultural i Territorialidad Visualización de datos interactiva de Sandra Alvaro

Consumo cultural y territorialidad Internet nos ha dado acceso inmediato a una oferta global y altamente variada de productos culturales. Cada vez es más usual consultar las últimas noticias on-line, descargar la última novedad editorial, bajarse el último capítulo de nuestra serie favorita o pasar las horas muertas viendo el último viral de Youtube. Pero …

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