Lecture at Computer Art Congress 5

Computer Art Congress 5 – Digital Art: Archiving and Questioning Immateriality – 2016, Paris

October 26-28, 2016. MSH Paris Nord


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Lecture and long paper

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Sandra Álvaro Sánchez (2016) “Art and Data: the aesthetic emergence of knowledge” at Everardo Reyes-García, Pierre Châtel- Innocenti, Khaldoun Zreik (eds) Archiving and Questioning Immateriality Proceedings of the 5th Computer art Congres, Europia productions, Paris, pp.108-126


The Aesthetic Rendering of Knowledge refers to two linked processes: the mediation of images in the processes of inscription of science and the use that artists make of the metaphorical movements of image for the layout of possible new worlds.
In our Postdigital situation, all processes of inscription have converged to the computer. The multidimensional spaces unfolded in the modelling of data to represent the world as a set of attribute-value relations are shaping a new epistemology and aesthetics. Diagrams are changing the way we understand and act our world and are characterized by its modularity, not only allowing us to model complexity towards the accomplishment of pre-emption and control but also the creation.


Data Visualization, Software Studies, Culture Analytics, Materiality of data



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