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 Artistic production and embodied information.

Tracking Spaces of Transformation

by Sandra Álvaro

Presented at the Open Fields Conference 2017


Space of Transformation is a concept borrowed from the Communication theory by Serres and here redefined after the evolution of the postdigital milieu and the materialistic critique of the same. Things considered as Spaces of Transformation do not are pre-existent entities but the result of the always in process interactions between complex assemblages. This conception is developed after the ontological turn that reunites the space and time severed during modernity into the becoming of matter. In the ontology of becoming proposed by Deleuze art takes on a political commitment, aimed to transform the environment and propose new forms of life. This revolutionary activity is followed here in relation to the emergence of new spaces for collective production and the adoption of technologies as data visualization, physical computing, and digital fabrication. Hackerspaces, fablabs, medialabs and other related collectives become Spaces of Transformation, places for the encounter between humans and non-humans where hitherto severed disciplines and practices are bridged together, at the same time, that a speculative activity is developed, which translated to artistic production will produce new things able to embody information  and disrupt our socio-technical milieu. This text explores these spaces, its relation with art, technology, society and new social and educational conceptions by means of tracking and visualizing the topological space emerging from the interactions between them in the web.

Keywords: Postdigital, Space of transformation, the ontology of becoming, hackerspaces, data visualization,


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EZ37TC5kjuQzcPPKVIRTUALITIES AND REALITIES New Experiences, Art and Ecologies in Immersive Environments

Edited by Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits
Published by RIXC Center for New Media Culture, Riga,
in collaboration with MPLab (Art Research Lab), Liepaja
University, Liepaja, 2019
480 pages
ISSN 1407-2858 / ISBN 978-9934-8434-7-1

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