“Art, Eco-Aesthetics and Cosmopolitics published at GREEN REVISITED book

Sandra Alvaro. 2022. “Art, Eco-aesthetics and Cosmopolitics” at Rasa Smte, Jeans Hauser, Kristin Bergaust, Raitis Smits (Eds.) Green Revisited. Encountering Emerging Naturecultures in Art and Research. Acoustic Space, volume 19/ Renewable Futures, Issue 4. RIXC. pp: 217-236

Identifiers: ISSN: 1407-2858 ISBN: 978-9934-9119-0-3
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Isabelle Stengers describes our time as catastrophic: the result of convergent crises affecting the global economy, the environment, and social cohesion. Facing these crises asks for the proposal of a new relationship between humans and their environment. Cosmopolitics – the made up of a heterogeneous space where decisions can be taken in the presence of those who will bear the consequences- is Stengers’ proposal towards this new relation beyond the human exceptionalism of the Anthropocene. Accordingly, surmounting the current devastation requires engaging pragmatically in the events and activating collective creation towards alternative ways of life. This text characterizes present-day ecological art projects from the standpoint of eco-aesthetics or the understanding of artistic production as an experimental endeavour, the assemblage of the environment, humans, technologies, humanistic and scientific knowledge into experienceable settings to make feel and act in the complex interaction between systems that sustain life on our planet. Furthermore, it addresses eco-aesthetics contribution to shifting from biopolitics to cosmopolitics.

Keywords: Eco-aesthetics, Anthropocene, posthumanism, biopolitics, Cosmopolitics

Based on the Lecture given at The ECODATA- ECOMEDIA- ECOAESTHETICS Openfields Conference 2020

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