Lecture at ISEA 2015: “Disruptive Strategies in the PostDigital City”


Sandra Álvaro Sanchez: “Disruptive Strategies in The Postdigital City”. Proceedings of the 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art. pp: 133-136, ISSN: 2451-8611 ISBN: 978-1-910172-00-1



The development of the sociotechnical apparatus shaping our Post-Digital space and culture ran simultaneously with the conception of a relational and processual reality and the development of computation and networks, which are becoming ubiquitous. These technologies have embedded in our physical space, giving birth to a fuzzy system that struggles between the opportunities for collective engagement, offered by networked communication, and the capacity to control of a pervasive and opaque system. Art has been experimenting with these new technologies from its inception thus assuming the aesthetical and political commitment to develop strategies capable of disrupting the codes of domination and promoting a collective and constructive appropriation of space. These strategies refer to practices of embodiment and encounter, capable of promoting new assemblages toward the accomplishment of the
Right to the City, the new citizenship proposed in the theories by Lefebvre and the actions of the Situationists.
Post-Digital Space, Right to the City, Hardware Criticism, Appropriation

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