Lecture at the RE-NEW 2013

Lecture at the RE-NEW 2013 Arts Festival

re-new 2013 is organized by re-new digital arts forum in collaboration with Aalborg University, CIID, The IT University and the Athelas New Music Festival.

The annual re-new media art confest is a meeting-point for all those active in the art- science-technology amalgam. The event is a platform for artists, technologists, curators, researchers and scientists alike, and facilitates networking, knowledge sharing and dissemination.
The Big Picture.

The 7th international celebration of interactive media art will take place at PB43 and other venues in Copenhagen, Denmark. Scientists, researchers, technologists, curators and media artists working in digital media in its many forms will meet, present and discuss their work during the event, which takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark on
October 28 – November 3, 2013

Postdigital Art:

building appropriable information apparatuses

Sandra Álvaro Sánchez

Abstract. The interface is leaving the desktop, making it possible to access information everywhere and in everything, through the developing systems of ambient informatics and ubiquitous computing. This new interaction paradigm is being debated: it increases our collective intelligence but at the same time can be a perfect accomplishment of the Control Society. The aesthetics of matters-of-concern replaces representation for the tracking of the process that gives form to our reality in each moment, while Postdigital Art produces works capable of merging virtual and physical spaces. Both these related fields show and articulate the complex informational system embedded in our reality making it appropriable and subject to profanation. This visualization operation displaces the capacities of the system of ubiquitous computing, from perfect control to an increasing capacity of individuals to intervene and perform in their environment by interacting with it.

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