“New practices in urban art: The art as an interface of the city”

New practices in urban art: The art as an interface of the city”

by Sandra Alvaro
Paper presented on the second workshop with Laboratoire Paragraphe – Université Paris 8


The ubiquity of computing on the daily life has been accomplished by the generalisation of the use of smart phones and other networked devices. This generalization has normalized the use of the interface. The super-workout for communicative energies of this interface, capable of finding contact throughout the entire world, has made
possible to perform a new procedural and moving territory beyond the geographical and local limits. The art that works on this new global and hyperurban situation, making use of the possibilities of communication and tracing of this new technologies, can be defined as Interactive Nomadic Art. This means that it takes place in a topological space and a complex reality.

I will introduce the label of Interactive Nomadic Art in relation to the “Art Nomade” pointed on the Deleuze and Guattary’s philosophy. After that, I will expose some artistic projects in relation with the different questions that the
urban computing space has initiated.


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