Sandra Alvaro:“Locative Media. Georeferencing and the collective utterance”

Comunication at Catmeeting III:

First Workshop with Laboratoire Paragraphe (Paris 8 and Cergy Pontoise Universities).

“Art numérique : Mythe ou réalité”

Sandra Alvaro: “Locative Media. Georeferencing and the collective utterance”


12.00 PM   May 4th 2011

Locative Media Sandra Alvaro

“It is quite possible that this decade of the 2000s will turn out to be about the Physical”


“The artists have a new challenge: placing a user inside a space filled with dynamic, contextual data with which the user can interact”.

Lev Manovich: The Poetics of Augmented Space: Learning from Prada (2002)



New technologies have produced a new representation of the space. It consists in a data universe captured and interpreted in real time by a panoptic eye, that shapes our reality in an understandable and operable way.

The rapid introduction of mobile computing and network communications have made this data universe broadly available and have generated an augmented daily reality. The hybrid space between our physical space and the data flows around it.

The context-aware computing that produces the hybrid space relies primarily on two types of information: physical location and user identity. Such that the augmented reality is always a space under surveillance.

Under surveillance the city has been transformed into a Panorama, a theoretical simulacrum that excludes the practices produced on the space.

Locative Media uses the transcontextual linkage between the map and physical reality to incorporate the displacement of journey and to restore the marks of the appropriated habited space. To operate on the dynamic data flows that traverse our space for incorporate the performative utterance that is produced walking on the street.

WoS, 5th May 2011

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